"English Polymath" (3 класс)

Вопрос №1.
Find the sentence with a request. (Найди предложение с просьбой.)

  Must she sing every day?
  May I play with her?
  Can I help you?

Вопрос №2.
Put in the pronoun. (Вставь местоимение.) It is Jane. ... rabbit is grey.


Вопрос №3.
Choose the right verb. (Выбери верный глагол.) I like ... funny fairy tales.

   to read
  to eat
  to swim

Вопрос №4.
Mark the correct sentence. (Отметь верное предложение.)

  He must cleans his teeth every day.
  We must be lazy every day.
  You must not eat sweets every day.

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